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Choosing the best wheel alignment machine for your workshop

8 pointers for selecting the ideal wheel aligner  

When you’re looking for the wheel alignment machine for your workshop, it’s important to have access to reliable information. We asked Levanta’s wheel service[...]


How often should you perform a wheel alignment on heavy vehicles?

6 pointers on when to carry out this important maintenance

Ensuring the correct wheel alignment for your fleet can shave up to 3% off fuel costs and up to 20% off tyre wear – a figure that will have a significant[...]


Should you choose a pit or a hoist for your workshop?

What you should consider before you invest  

As a workshop manager, you’re probably aware that any type of access option – whether that’s a pit or a hoist – will make a huge difference to your productivity, compared[...]


How to set up your roller brake tester for best results

Advice to help you future proof your heavy vehicle workshop

As we’ve talked about before, installing a roller brake tester in-house can massively improve your workshop’s productivity and increase the ROI you can[...]


Should you carry out static or dynamic roller brake testing?

Levanta takes you through the issues for your workshop

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has advised that workshops must now use dynamic weight to assess the efficiency of a heavy vehicle’s braking system, and[...]


A guide to workshop pit design, specification and standards

Reducing the risk for your workshop business

Levanta’s consultants, along with our design & fabrication team, have looked through the Australian Standards and consulted with Safety Inspectors nationally to try to[...]


How to plan a successful heavy vehicle workshop fitout

Everything you need to know to ensure a better workshop design

When you set out to design a new heavy vehicle workshop fitout, you’ll want to include the best practice standards for every area, right from the start.


The importance of truck wheel alignments

Reduce your fleet's fuel and tyre expenditure with our advanced equipment

As a heavy vehicle fleet operator, did you know that carrying out regular complete wheel alignments is one of the most effective ways of[...]


Is exhaust extraction in my workshop mandatory?

What you need to know to breathe easy in your business

The exhaust gases from cars, trucks and buses in your automotive workshop contain very dangerous pollutants. Just consider these sobering facts: 


How can I effectively store special tools in my workshop?

Workshop furniture ideas for your business

Many dealerships have issues with storing the large volume of special tools that are required to perform vehicle repairs in their busy workshop. Your special tools are[...]


Are your workshop’s vehicle hoists compliant?

What you need to know about Non Destructive Tests for car lifts

As an employer you are responsible for showing a duty of care towards your employees. You want to sleep at night knowing that you have done all you can[...]


What’s the best hoist for safely lifting Toyota 4WDs in your workshop?

Your guide to 4 post hoists and knuckle lifts

Nearly all incidents in Australia where a vehicle falls off a hoist involve ‘trucks’ – or other vehicles with an uneven centre of gravity – being lifted with a 2 post[...]


What’s the difference between a concrete workshop pit and a steel prefabricated pit?

How to choose the best option for your heavy vehicle workshop

When you’re thinking of expanding your heavy vehicle workshop’s service capacity, service pits can make an excellent investment. Compared to vehicle[...]


Heavy vehicle brake testing criteria update

Levanta helps bring your vehicle testing equipment up to speed

Compliance with brake performance criteria is one of the hottest topics in the heavy vehicle market at the moment.


4 ways car hoists offer you improved efficiency (and profits!)

What’s the benefit to your workshop business?

Efficiency is a common goal for most Australian businesses. And in a car or truck workshop, efficiency most often means getting cars in and out as quickly as possible[...]

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