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8 tips to ensure car lift safety in your workshop

Keep your hoists in top working order with Levanta’s helpful guide

Car hoists have become the must-have equipment for every Australian light vehicle workshop. Modern car lifts are designed to be easy-to-use, safe,[...]


Safety and Maintenance Checklist for Car Hoists and Auto Lifts

Levanta’s guide to ensuring safety in your workshop

Now that you’ve invested in one or more two post or four post auto hoists for your vehicle workshop, you’ll no doubt want to keep them in top working order for the[...]


Workshop hoist servicing and maintenance

The importance of preventive maintenance for vehicle hoists

As a vehicle workshop service manager, you’ll no doubt be aware of the need for preventive maintenance for vehicles. After all, the service you’re offering[...]


How to meet your OEM’s Corporate Identity requirements

All about planning the ideal workshop fitout

Whether you’re designing a new workshop fitout, or thinking of re-fitting an existing workshop, there are many factors to consider. The ideal bay layout, the number of[...]


How to plan a successful workshop fitout

Everything you need to know to ensure a better workshop design

When you set out to design a new auto workshop fitout, you’ll want to include the best practice standards for every area, right from the start.


3 things to consider when choosing a four post hoist

Our workshop experts show you how to get the right hoist

If you’ve decided to buy a four post hoist, the Levanta team say congratulations! The sturdy, rugged nature of these lifts will make it easier and safer for[...]


How to revitalise your workshop pit or lift

Levanta's guide to pit jacks and jacking beams

Want to save money and increase the productivity of your old equipment? Levanta's workshop fitout experts show you how.

A comparison of brake testers

Which is best for your workshop business?

According to the NTARC (National Truck Accident Research Centre), 25% of all accidents are caused by speed, 12.1% by fire losses and mechanical failure, and 11.9% by fatigue.[...]


Lifting the Benchmark in the Automotive Industry

In an Australian first Bartons Group, in conjunction with Levanta, have engineered the future in workshop space for the servicing division of their Bayside Dealership. The two companies worked closely on an[...]

Putting the Brakes on Accidents

The recent media attention surrounding heavy vehicle accidents across Australia is forcing industry regulators to set their considerable sights on company driven maintenance programs. 


Lifting Standards

A Brisbane supplier has grown its business throughout Australia, setting a high standard in workshop design, writes Amie Hickland of Australian Bus and Coach ( 


The HDS-27x Truck Lift Sale On!

Engineered to accommodate heavy duty cars or trucks, this versatile, 12.2t lifting, extended length 4 post lift is built to last. Featuring upgrades to safety, durability and productivity, the HDS 27X will make light[...]


Cam-Aligner Introductory Price Not To Be Missed

Launched under the Josam brand, the new heavy duty wheel alignment system is launching into the Australian market. To celebrate this momentous occasion we have an amazing deal on the table. For the hot low price of[...]


Big Lift For Low Dollars

For only $34,999 + GST these lifts will pay themselves off in no time. There are so many reasons to get moving on this great deal, for starters, you won’t find this level of quality for this price anywhere else in[...]


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